About our foodbank

Who we are

Rainham Foodbank is part of the Trussell Trust‘s UK-wide network of over 1200 foodbanks. The Foodbank is a Christian charity, seeded by RCCG King of Kings Community Church, to demonstrate the practical love of God in the community. The Foodbank was borne out of a sincere passion to see practical needs met within the community. It is understood that everyone needs and deserves unconditional love, irrespective of social status, conditions, race, etc. Clients receive help in re-discovering their real and misplaced values, are able to re-engage in society and faith, and to manage isolation and loneliness.

The Foodbank has been feeding and supporting over 10,000 local people in crisis since inception in 2011. Over 95 tonnes of food have been received and over 90 tonnes have been distributed up to the present day.

To find out more about RCCG King of Kings Community Church, please visit the website: www.kingofkingscommunitycenter.org.

Who we work with

The Foodbank works with frontline care professionals, including 26 GP surgeries, 41 schools, almost all statutory agencies in London Borough of Havering, other charities, churches and children’s services. Also involved are businesses such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Christians Against Poverty, Financial Conduct Authority, Barclays Bank, The Red Cross, and any other agencies that clients are signposted to, depending on their need.

How we are funded

There are grants given for a limited period, along with occasional support from churches, friends and individuals.

Our services

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