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Basic Skills

Basic skills are the key skills you need in study and life, and include Maths, English and computer skills

Basic skills are very important. Everyone needs them. These are skills like reading, writing, number skills and computer skills that we use every day. You may hear them called Skills for Life. We also use these skills to learn other skills. You need them:

  • To live on your own or look after your home
  • To get a job, and stay in employment
  • To look after your family and possessions

Basic skills are used by adults every day.


Building basic skills

You build your basic skills from a very early age. As soon as you start to read, write and learn, you are building basic skills. You learn your basic skills in all lessons, and during other activities, like work experience.

We understand that for many people school has not been a positive experience, we offer our program of basic skills to help clients to catch up and perhaps to return to employment or get a better job, or perhaps you might just be keen to help your children with their homework more effectively.


Beyond basic skills

Basic skills are the tools we use to learn other things. They:

  • help us understand
  • help get a job
  • help deal with money better
  • help make us feel good about ourselves


What we do in our Basic Skills Program

We try to improve client’s skills in English, Maths and computer skills, for many returning to work or getting a job is their main aim, so alongside improving these areas, we also provide CV writing skills, form filling skills and interview skills. Our tutors will support you throughout the process of returning to work.

If you would like to join a small group of others who are trying to improve their basic skills please call our office at 01708 397 484 or email

The length of a course is dependent on individual needs and the areas in which they are seeking to improve in.



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