School Harvest Bonanza!

16th October 2019


Recently we have had donations from Newtons Primary School, Whybridge Junior School, Towers Infant and Junior Schools, Nelmes Primary School, Elm Park Primary School and La Salette Catholic Primary School. We received a BONANZA 1893kg from these schools as donations for Harvest.  There are no words that can express our real gratitude for the students, staff and their families who have made this BONANZA DONATION possible. As Christmas is only 70 days away, these donations are vital for our families in need.

So, a great big humongous THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who have donated food so far.

Our Don and John have been responsible for picking up these donations from all the different schools. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who are working so incredibly hard so that the Foodbank can serve the needs of our Foodbank users.

We will continue to keep you updated.


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