Thank You Upminster Methodist Church!

7th July 2020

Members of Upminster Methodist Church, a regular donator to The Trussell Trust, have been a huge help throughout the pandemic, helping to deliver the congregation’s donations to the Foodbank while many other members have been self-isolating/shielding. Joanna Skillett, a member of the church who has been involved with this volunteering, has written the following article explaining what progress has been made, including the fun way in which the church congregation have been kept up to date with the amount of food donated each week:

“Food, Glorious Food!” By Joanna Marie Skillett 

3 months ago, the COVID-19 lockdown was inflicted upon our Nation to keep us all safe. 

With everything and everyone closing up and staying inside, it was more important than e ver to reach out to those who needed it most. 

Upminster Methodist Church has long provided FoodBank donations to The Trussell Trust to support its local community. When lockdown hit, many of our members were forced to self- isolate and shield – meaning that many food donations from our regular Church congregation could neither be donated or delivered. 

Just before the lockdown began, I popped into a Coffee Morning to offer my support however I could. I’m glad I did stop that day, as that was to be the last one they would be able to hold. 

During my visit, Keith Nichols, a wonderful one-man-machine at UMC, expressed his concern that the Foodbank may not be able to continue amidst these restrictions and whether I could help with this area at all. So I volunteered along with the fabulous Peter Caton to make sure that the kind donations of our friends could be delivered to the Rainham Food Bank every week. 

Since March, we have been delivering the Foodbank donations and have formed a great friendship with the superb Rainham team, with the weekly “weigh-ins” becoming a bit of a sociable challenge! 

Each week, I write to the Church congregation in their Newsletter and compare the weekly total to the same weight as an Animal…and we add that Animal to our Ark ☺ 

This way, people of all ages can reflect on just how much they have helped, and we can hopefully provide a little smile from all the goodwill being sent week on week. 

To give you all a little idea, after Week 3 of deliveries we had donated a running total of 247.96kg – allowing the first animal to board our Ark …an Adult Male Lion! 

The head of the pack was quickly followed each week by a new compatriot: 

Giant Grizzly Bear 282.62kg Adult Sperm Whale 390.42kg Fully Grown Camel 497.53kg Bison 592.51kg Six Baby Elephants 638.05kg Buffalo Giraffe 746.75kg 

…as you can see, we are gaining momentum – and the need for more beds on board! 

The mathematicians amongst you may argue our cumulative skills, but in the interest of sharing a few smiles, we prefer to stay on the side of imagination. 

This week, as we approach our 12th week and 3-month mark, who knows what animal will be joining our crew? 

One thing’s for sure, we’ll keep donating! So Noah needs to start expanding that Ark of his and find some room for our friends as they come in two by two… 

“Hurrah” for Community. “Hurrah” for Hope. 

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